Our services involve operating in coordination with Architects and Electrical and Mechanical Engineers to produce well-performing, practical buildings. Our team of experts has the experience on precast concrete structures, parking lots, urban infrastructures, underground and geotechnical structural buildings.

We offer our expertise in investigating concrete structures that may exhibit problems. Concrete components in some structures which have been exposed to the destructive effects of the fires, earthquakes, accidental damage or corrosive circumstances. We provide the best and cost-effective solution for repair and retrofit.

After the extensive analysis of the structure and determining the nature and extent of the deterioration problem, including possible causes, we offer a plan to correct, repair and prevent the main causes to our clients. We provide to required services to meet the client's specific needs. Our goal is to repair and optimize the structure's service life.

Our designing process takes benefit of insight obtained from the research led by Pentatech LLC as well as an extensive amount of experience gained from our past projects.

Design & Build method successfully delivers schools, office buildings, stadiums, and urban infrastructure projects with exceptional outcomes.

Structural Engineering services are:
  • Highrise Building Design
  • Civil Infrastructure Design
  • Performance-based Building Design
  • Residential Buildings
  • Commercial Facilities
  • Industrial Facilities
  • Sport Arenas

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