speciality engineering
in precast concrete

It’s our goal to deliver solutions for high-quality, industrialized precast designs in the field of specialty engineering here in Pentatech LLC. We offer our expertise and engineering services on all precast systems to our clients.

It’s eighter about designing concepts or planning and site selection, as a client of Pentatech LLC, we provide the best solution for your needs.
Services provided to OUR CLIENTS and their associations include:
  • PRODUCT Design
  • Shop Drawings
  • Analysis of Precast Concrete Frames and Structures
  • Value Engineering of Structures for Possible Conversion to Precast Concrete
  • Analysis and Design of Unusual and Innovative Connections
  • BIM Modeling
Projects incorporating specialty engineering services include:
  • Parking Structures
  • Total Precast Buildings
  • Architectural Cladding and Insulated Panels

For more information on our speciality engineering in precast concrete services, send an email to info@pentatech.com

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